a Scalable Infrastructure for Hybrid Worlds

Kiwano -scientific name: cucumis metuliferus- is a fruit and thus totally unrelated with the topic. But after some discussions within the team we finally agreed on this name... wondering however if the system will be as tasteful as the eponym fruit. Anyhow, the former name, SDSD, Scalable Dynamic Spatial Database, was neither explicit nor elegant.


The Kiwano infrastructure receives streams of location data from moving objects (users, avatars, bots, drones, ...) and sends back notifications about the neighborhood, updating the list of neighbors with their new positions and states. It also implements communication between moving objects with methods for sending data within neighbors.


The draft API documentation
Sample javascript code
A scientific article
Video podcast

For questions, bug reports and features requests you can suscribe and post to the kiwanoapi mailing list

Kiwano API users

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contact: {joaquin.keller,raluca.diaconu}